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It's time to bring your business online


People are TikTok user


Users spent less time listening to podcasts since starting to use TikTok


Users would seek more information on the advertised product


Millennial TikTok Users say the platform helps them discover new things

Our Services

Ideas & Storyboard

Brainstorm and generate creative ideas for video content. It is important to have content that is both entertaining and informative. But at the same time, content must also be original, authentic and able to resonate with targeted audience.

KOL Influencer & Live Streaming Engagement

Live streaming brings a sense of authenticity to your brand. Anything can happen when you’re live, giving youraudience a reason to tune in and a sense that they’re watching real people.

KOL Influencer allows you to build trust of audiences to your brand. When a famous online influencer promotes your brand, the targeted audiences will have higher confidence, trust and recognition on it.

E-Store Management & Reporting Analysis

Leave the hard work for us as we will manage your store operation so that you are able to focus on what’s important. We will provide Account Managers, Operation Team and Graphic Designer for you so you could save cost in hiring staff.

An in-depth business analysis and reporting will be provided to constantly review the result of each content.

Why Your Brand
Needs to Be On

1. Over 1 Billion TikTok Users

It’s the fastest growing social media network in the world, and up till now, it is still growing.

2. Brand Discovery on TikTok

TikTok users flock to the platform to discover new products to buy.

3. Unique Ad Platform

TikTok’s targeting system allows brands and businesses to easily reach out to their targeted segments. Due to its unique targeting system and engaging content, it has greatly increased the interaction between businesses and their targeted audience.

4. First Mover Advantage

Brand presence on TikTok is critical nowadays. As this is becoming a trend and having a large user base, brands & businesses should use this opportunity to grow and transform their business.


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