The Internet and Technology

Today, the Internet and technology has drastically changed the way people shop and businesses market themselves.

Is your business taking full advantage of the digital revolution yet? Or are you still figuring out how to make the transition?

We know how to get there, and we’re here to help you.

We are Mono & Co.

Our Services

  • Social Media, KOL
  • Content Marketing
  • In & Out Channel Marketing
Store Operation
  • Product Uploads
  • Online Store Management
  • Campaign & Analysis
Graphic Design
  • Store Template Design
  • Promotion Design
Customer Services
  • Pre & Post - Sales Enquiries
  • CRM
  • Refunds & Returns
  • Logistics Coordination
Data Analysis
  • Standardised Reports
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Customised Reports
Fulfillment Services
  • Product Storage
  • Pick and Pack
  • Order Return Management

Who Should Use Our Service?

If you are in one of the categories below, we strongly believe that e-commerce is the best way to grow your business in the years to come. And we at Mono & Co are ready to take you there.

The e-revolution has already arrived. Trillions are waiting to be made. Will you be a bystander, or a trendsetter? Your choice.

Brand Owner
Retail Store

Why e-commerce?

It’s not a question of IF you should go into e-commerce, but WHEN. This is the fastest growing marketplace of the future, and those who don’t join in will only stand to lose out!

Here are six major reasons why your business should embrace the e-commerce revolution:

01 Overcoming Retail Apocalypse

As consumer shopping habits change, businesses must also keep up by transitioning from solely brick and mortar shops.

In recent years, 15 brand retailers in the US have declared bankruptcy or were forced to liquidate, with e-commerce named as a major contributing factor.

02 Expand Your Reach

By using traditional means, you are only able to reach out to customers close to where you operate from.

However, e-commerce transcends geographical boundaries to instantly expand your customer base on a national, and even global scale.

03 Expand Your Reach

In the modern business environment, data is one of the most valuable tools to help grow your sales.

The beauty of e-commerce is its ability to harvest information of your customer, which you can use to optimise your store, target them for future sales and analyse your most effective market segments.

04 Low Cost, Open 24 Hours

With our e-commerce model, retailers can just utilise their existing space to process orders - no need for additional capacity or physical set-up.

Best of all, your online store will be open 24/7, so you can continue to earn even as you sleep!

05 Amazing Growth Potential

Compared to other more advanced countries where the e-marketplace is already rather saturated, Malaysia is still in the early stages of e-commerce growth.

There is no better time than now to join to gain first mover advantage.

06 Complementary Channel

Retail outlets are typically busy only during weekends. So why not maximise your manpower by tapping into e-commerce as a complementary sales channel for weekdays?

This ensures a steady sales count and fully-utilised workforce throughout the week.

Sell More, Work Less

Find it a hassle to keep your own online marketplace updated? Outsource it to the professionals, so that you can focus on what you do best - growing your business.

We provide you with top-to-bottom solutions, covering every area of your e-commerce platform from setting up to management and data analytics.

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