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Everyone can sell online now! But how do we achieve the optimum results. We help you to reach there! Check out our key services here.

Brand Management

A combination of above to break-away from the conventional merchant in the e-commerce. All merchant can sell online; to differentiate your brand from others is a different ball-game.

e-commerce is not just about selling at low prices, a proper strategize campaign will yield the optimum result without selling at low prices. At all times we practice price protection for brand as it is vital for the brand in the long term.

The Group Core Strength

E-commerce Relationship & Brand Management Team

To coordinate with e-commerce portals to run campaign on peak and off-peak period

To negotiate for best brand exposure vs brand investment

To coordinate brand exposure via affiliate marketing, KOL’s and blogger's for new products / hero products

To leverage on e-commerce social media strength for brands

Experienced team whom have ran multiple campaigns for international brands such as Panasonic, SanDisk, Kingston and Toshiba

Dedicated Customer Service Team

To manage shoppers enquiry in relation to general product information, delivery time frame

To manage shoppers return parcel, exchange parcel (dead on arrival) & warranty (if applicable)

To manage online store front Live Chat (response rate within 1 to 2 hours ) for optimum store ratings

Store Campaign Planning and Performance Analysis

Mid to long term plan of entire store campaign throughout the year (to be review half yearly basis)

Store total revenue projection over 12 months and expenses or budget funding required.

Submission of Monthly Performance Report Analysis to brand in terms of Sales and Brand Exposure

Analysis of fast and slow moving products and proposal of strategies to manage it.

Brand Exposure report completes with screen shot and click rate impressions and reach.